The strategic plan of the Wash Estuary Group is the culmination of a review process that started in summer 2003. The review sought to clarify the characteristics that make The Wash special and identify actions needed to ensure it remains a treasure for future generations. This document reflects the findings of the review and the agreed way forward. The four main aspirations for The Wash are, respectively:
To foster widespread recognition of the wild, distinctive land and seascapes of The Wash, its wildlife and historic features.
To respect The Wash as a place where people can continue to live safely, prosperously and in harmony with their natural environment.
To work in partnership with businesses and industries, that depend on The Wash for their prosperity, in ways that are sympathetic to this special environment.
To encourage sensitive use of The Wash as a place to enjoy; and make the most of its educational potential. Beneath each aspiration a series of policies is set out.

These are intended to focus people towards the main priority strategic areas.

Estuary Management Plan- Strategic Areas

Development Control
Ecosystem Management
Fishing Industry
Historic Environment
Renewable Energy
Water Quality
Weapons Ranges

Complete Estuary Management Plan

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